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Visting Dharmaramam?
      Great! Here are couple of things you should not miss if you are planning to travel in and around of D.Dharmaramam village.
Inside Dharmaram
First thing you need to know is that D.Dharmaram village is part of rich cultural region, Telangana. Speak to the people of this village, you will get to undestand the true spirit and feel of the Telangana region. 
There are many places in and around of D.Dharmaram village to visit. Especially in the village you must see the icon of D.Dharmaram, the Raghupathi Swamy GuttaThe architecture of Pedda Tuum, the peaceful pond,  D.Dharmaram Cheruvu and Alugu. You also may be interested to see the historical Shivuni Gudi and the Dharmaram Ghadi.
You may be also intersted to understand the culture and spirit of the telangana people by visiting the surrounding villages of Dharamram like Ibrahimpur, Shivaypally, Sutarpally, Venkatapur, Railapur, Pulimamidi and Bonala.
Around Dharmaram
There are many places of attractions very near to D.Dharmaram village. Here are the few important destinations. Distance from D.Dharmaram village to each attraction is mentioned in Kilo meters(Kms).
Tourist Attractions
Ramayampet Brass, Handicrafts(10 Kms), 
 Bhiknoor Siddirameshwara Temple (20 Kms), Medak Church, Pilgrim Centre, Medak(33 Kms), Medak Fort Monuments, Medak (33 Kms), Lakshmi Narasimha swamy Temple,  Pilgrim Centre, Nacharam (36 Kms),  Koti Lingeswara Swamy Temple, Pilgrim Centre, Siddipet(43 Kms), Siddipet Paintings of Batik technique, Handicrafts, Siddipet(43 Kms), Ramalingeswara Swamy Temple, Pilgrim Centre, Siddipet(43 Kms),  Kanaka Durga Temple, Edupayalu Pilgrim Centre(44 Kms),
Pocharam Forest & Wild Life Sanctuary, Wild Life Medak (46 Kms), Sri Saraswathi Kshetramu, Anantha Sagar, near Shanigaram(68 Kms),  Kasi Visweshwara Temple, Manjira Wildlife & Bird Sanctuary,Wild Life, Sangareddy(103 Kms),  Ramalingeshwara Temple, Nandikandi, Pilgrim Centres   Sangareddy(103 Kms), Kalabgoor Pilgrim Centre, Sangareddy(108 Kms), Kondapur Museum, near Sanga Reddy(100 Kms), Sangameswara Swamy Temple, Zarasangam(129 Kms).
Rivers: Manjeera, Valdhi, Gudleruvagu and Kadaleru
Major Places: Siddipeta, Medak, Ramachandra puram and Sangareddy.
Industries: BHEL, ICRISAT, Sugar, Vishaka Asbestos at Patanchervu, Sanitary wares at Kollur, Novapan India Ltd.
Handicrafts: Siddipet Bathic Paintings, Ramayampet brass, Silver and Woodenwares.
Culture and Heritage: Ammapuram Puppetry.