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Temples in Dharmaram - Details

Hanuman Temples in Dharmaram                                                  
1. Sri Hanuman Temple(హనుమాన్ దేవాలయం) 
Sri Hanuman Temple(హనుమాన్ దేవాలయం) is the most famous temples of D.Dharmaram village, this temple is situated in the heart of the village. 
2. Hanuman Temple near Shuvuni Gudi
We have second Hanuman Temple in Dharmaram near Shivuni Gudi.
3. Hanuman Temple near Alugu
This is the third Hanuman Temple in Dharmaram.
Peddamma Temple(పెద్దమ్మ దేవాలయము)                                              
    Peddamma Temple(పెద్దమ్మ దేవాలయము) of D.Dhrmaram is constructed by the people of D.Dharmam and specifically the mudiraajas of this village. This temple is constructed couple of years back. 

Renuka Ellamma TempleD.Dharmaram (రేణుక ఎల్లమ్మ దేవాలయం)
Renuka Ellamma Temple( of D.Dharmaram village is a newly built temple in D.Dharmaram village. This temple is constructed by the Gouda community of D.Dharmaram village. 
Raghupati Gutta - Jaatara, D.Dharmaram(రఘుపతి గుట్ట)
Raghupati Gutta (రఘుపతి గుట్ట) in D.Dharmaram village and it's surrounding village is very famous for the Jaatara(జాతర) celebrated every year on the day of Sri Rama Navami.

Shiva Temple, D.Dharmaram(శివుని గుడి)
The Shiva Temple (శివుని గుడి), is in the heart of the D.Dharmaram village. It was constructed very long back. During the Dasara, all the villagers of 
D.Dharmaram will come to this temple and performs prayers. On the day of Ugadi, Panchanga Sra
vanam(పంచాంగ శ్రవణం) will take place in the premises of this temple.

Durgamma Temple, D.Dharmaram(దుర్గమ్మ గుడి)
The Durgamma Temple (దుర్గమ్మ గుడి), is very near to the D.Dharmaram bus stop and just beside the Dharmaram cheruvu. It was constructed very long back. Long back in the dharmaram village there was a decease attacked the people of Dharmaram, the villagers then decided to construct this Durgamma temple  to come out of the problem. 
Kapil Sports Club of D.Dharmaram were initially used to put the Ganesh idol in the premises of this temple.

Katta Maisamma Temple, D.Dharmaram(కట్ట మైసమ్మ గుడి)
The Katta Maisamma temple is located on the Dharmaram cheruvu katta on the way of Ramayampet to Gajwel main road. The people of Dharmaram makes prayer to this goddess.

Pochammalu, D.Dharmaram(పోచమ్మ గుడి)
The Pochamma Gudi in Dharmaram is near the chinna tuum on the Ramayampet - Gajwel Road side. This Temple is very near to the ZP High School.
 Sri Hanuman Temple(హనుమాన్ దేవాలయం) - Peddamma Temple(పెద్దమ్మ దేవాలయము) - Renuka Ellamma Temple (రేణుక ఎల్లమ్మ దేవాలయం) - Raghupati Gutta (రఘుపతి గుట్ట) - Shiva Temple(శివుని గుడి) - Durgamma Temple (దుర్గమ్మ గుడి) - Katta Maisamma Temple(కట్ట మైసమ్మ గుడి)  - Pochammalu(పోచమ్మ గుడి)
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