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D.Dharmaram Volleyball Association


Progress Update
D.Dharmaram Volleyball Association is a village level sports group dedicated to improve, support, encourage the Volleyball game in the village of D.Dharmaram. The Association has started on 12th July 2014 by the well spirited young players of the D.Dharmaram village. Kapil Sports Club, Navateja Youth Association1996-1997 ZPHS D.Dharmaram old students, Sri. Siddaramulu, Sarpanch, Sri Shishylam an 1993-94 Volleyball player of ZPHS D.Dharmaram among the few who are supporting this Association in the village. There is a huge support from the community in and around of D.Dharmaram for this Association.

Progress Update
2012-13 students of 
ZPHS D.Dharmaram won the Taluka Level Volleyball championship by beating important schools like Ramayampet govt high school, Nizampet ZPHS, Ramayampet ZPHS, Narlapur ZPHS, Chalmeda ZPHS, Akkanapet ZPHS, Kalvakunta ZPHS

2012-13 students of ZPHS D.Dharmaram Represented Ramayampet mandal in 2012-13 acadamic year in the Medak District level Sports Tournament for Volleyball(Boys & Girls)  and could able to defeat two other mandals in Medak district.      
D.Dharmaram Volleyball Association
D.Dharmaram village is having a rich history of great teams of volleyball. Under the great support and encouragement from Sri Venkat Reddy Sir, 1995-1996 ZPHS D.Dharmaram batch consisting of well known players of the village, Sri Kistaiah, Sri lachiah represented D.Dharmaram and bagged second position at taluka level tournament where about 25+ villages participated.
         Under the great leadership of Sri Venkat Reddy Sir, 1993-94 ZPHS D.Dharmaram batch represented ZPHS D.Dharmaram and shown an extraordinary performance, though it could not bag the cup in the taluka level tournament where about 20+ villages participated, it has attracted many students and youth of D.Dharmaram towards this game.

Here are the major initiatives planned by the D.Dharmaram Volleyball Association
1. Practice matches for Dharmaram Volleyball players will be conducted on Every Sunday evenings at ZPHS D.Dharmaram grounds by experts as referees
2. All the people of Dharmaram who are interested in playing or supporting Volleyball game can be the members of the D.Dharmaram Volleyball Association
3. All the people are equal. It does not matter whether you are a 10th class student, or person from SC community, or a 40 tear teacher, anyone and everyone can be part of this association
4. Membership is 100% FREE for the people of dharmaram
5. The Dharmaram community take responsibility of getting the sponsors for the D.Dharmaram Volleyball Association
6. Sponsoring may include but not just limited to
a) buying Volleyball nets whenever needed
b) Buying Volleyballs - keeping enough balls in the association for the players
c) Sponsoring the Entry Fees for various mandal/taluka/district level events
d) Arranging the dress code for the team representing the village in various events at various levels

7. There will be ONE SINGLE Dharmaram Vollyball Team representing the village in a year
8. There will be an internal Dharmaram Vollyball tournament will be conducted with the Teams ONLY from Dharmaram Vollyball Association
9. Experts, seniors, PETs, other district/state players will analyse the performance of the players and they will decide the ONE Dhaarmaram Vollyball team
10. Every Year there will be Dharmaram Vollyball Tournament conducted starting with mandal level and the one team from dharmaram selected by the D.Dharmaram Volleyball Association will represent D.Dharmaram village and participant in the tournament.
The ONE SINGLE dharmaram team will play in the Dharmaram tournament
Those 6 players will represent the Dharmaram village for that year
This tournament will be conducted Every Year Lifelong on specific days in a year
Sri Srishylam an 1993-1994, volly ball player, represented ZPHS D.Dharmaram at district level announced 100% Support for Dharmaram Vollyball Association.
He is also willing to provide tips/help to players and conduct the Sunday matches at ZPHS D.Dharmaram school grounds.

Sri Siddaramulu, the Sarpanch of D.Dharmaram expressed 100% support for this association and announced to formally inaugurate this association officially in very near future.

Kapil Sports Club the well known club of D.Dharmaram including it's members but not limited to Sri Surender Rao Sir, Sri Ramesh anna has already announced 100% support to this association.

We are reaching out to more people including the lifetime supporter and icon of Dharmaram sports, Sri Ravinder Reddy Sir and the reason behind the today's Volleyball history of D.Dharmaram, Sri Venkat Reddy Sir.

Most of the clubs of D.Dharmaram and various old students of the ZPHS D.Dharmaram including Dr Sri Surya Kiran expressed their full support to the new born sports association of D.Dharmaram.

2014 July 21: 
The players of D.Dharmaram Volleyball Association prepared the the Volleyball court at the front side of the school building. 

Association Players practiced volleyball. Participated players are Laxman, Pitla Yadaiah, Suresh, A. Varshith, M. Mahendar, MD Mathin, G. Suman, D. Naresh, V. Rakesh and Rajesh. Matches conducted by M. Ravi.

2014 July 20 : 
The Most awaited D.Dharmaram Volleyball Association's Sunday practice matches are to be started from ZPHS D.Dharmaram School grounds starting 3:30 PM today.
Most of the D.Dharmaram Volleyball Association players are participating in this serious practice match sessions.

Special Thanks to Sri Srishyam garu, the senior volleyball player of D.Dharmaram who is officially starting these practice sessions from today. He accepted the association's request to be the primary referee for these sessions.

Following are the few players expected to be participating in these practice sessions today:
M. Mahender, A. Varshith, V. Rakesh, G. Suresh, P. Aravind Reddy, B. Rajasheker, Laxman, Pitla Yadaiah, G. Suman, Md. Madhin, P. Sunil, A. Raju, Y. Raju, V. Ravi, J. Naveen Goud, M. Ravi, P. Sudhakar, Amuda Vinay, T. Sainath, B. Santhosh, B. Prem, B. Bhoopal, K. Babu, J. Sushakar, B. Raju, B. Arun, K. Suman, Y. Ramesh, Md. Sadhik, D. Naresh, P.Naveen, G. Naresh, G. Shankar, A. Prashanth, DakaSwamyhaskar, M. Harshath Reddy, Md. Imran, G. Ramesh, M. Anil, P. Swamy, Kiran, Venkatesh, Ankula Raju, Parusha Ramulu, Swamy, P. Narsa Reddy, Golla Praveen, D.Ravi, Suthari Mahesh, B. Mahender, Vare Krishna
R. Srikanth, Shivvanagari Anji Reddy, K.Laxman, E. Mahender Reddy, Chouki Naveen kumar, K. Raju and B. raju.
2014 July 19 : Association Players practiced volleyball. Participated players are Laxman, Pitla Yadaiah, Suresh, A. Varshith, M. Mahendar, MD Mathin, G. Suman, D. Naresh, V. Rakesh and Rajesh. Matches conducted by M. Ravi.
2014 July 16 : Association Players practiced volleyball. Participated players are A. Varshith, M. Mahendar, MD Mathin, G. Suman, D. Naresh and Sudhakar.
2014 July 15 : Association Players played their first match after Association formed. Participated players are A. Varshith, V. Rakesh, A. Vinay, M. Mahendar, G. Naresh, T. Sainath, MD Mathin, G. Suman, D. Naresh, M. 
Sachin, M. Ravi, Sudhakar and G. Naresh.
2014 July 14 : Association received support from villagers, received new volleyball.
2014 July 13 : Sri Srishylam reached ZPHS grounds, all players decided to practice on every Sundays.
2014 July 12 : D.Dharmaram Volleyball Association formed. Initial members and supporters identified.