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Medak is around 35 KMs from D.Dharmaram, was originally known as “Methukudurgam” which subsequently changed into Methukur due to the growth of fine and coarse variety of rice in this area.
The Medak district was under Gulshanabad division of Hyderbad during early 90's. The Medak district was initially part of Warangal Kingdom. In 1309, Allauddin's general, Malik Kafur came with large force and taken this district from Raja of Warangal.
Medak district population since 1881









It is one of the ten districts of Telangana Region of Telangana with a geographical area of 9,519 km2. It forms a part of Deccan Plateau under Godavari basin and lies between North Latitudes 170 27’ and 180 18’ and East longitudes 770 28’ and 79 0 10’ falling in topographical sheet nos. 56 F, G, J and K of Survey of India. The district is divided into 46 revenue mandals, with its Headquarters at Sangareddy. 
The district has a population of 26,62,296 (as per 2001 census), which is 3.57% of the State population. The population density is 275 persons per sq.km with a decadal growth rate of 17.69% (1991-2001). The forest cover is 96,267 hectares and the net area sown is 4,23,000 ha and the total cropped area is 5,25,000 ha. There are no major surface irrigation projects worth mentioning except for minor irrigation projects like Ghanpur, Ranapalli, Gangakathwam, Bollampalle, Nallavagu and Pocharam. 

Manjira, a perennial tributary of River Godavari with its tributaries of Haldi (Pasupuyeru) and Kundlair drains the district. The drainage pattern is dendritic and parallel.. The district receives an average rainfall of 873 mm, which increases from South to North. The mean maximum and minimum temperature
vary from 40° to 26°C. The important rock types are Peninsular Gneissic complex, Dharwar supergroup associated with Younger intrusives of Achaean age separated unconformably with overlying Basaltic flows of late Cretaceous to early Eocene age with sub-Recent to Recent alluvium along the stream courses.

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