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ప్రగతి ధర్మారం చెరువుకు జలకళ!

 ఎన్నో సంవత్సరాలుగా ఎదురుచూస్తున్న రోజు వచ్చింది. ప్రగతి ధర్మారం చెరువు పూర్తిగా నిండి, నిండుకుండను తలపిస్తోంది. గ్రామస్తులు కంటినిండా నీటిని చూస్తూ సంతోషపడుతున్నారు.

ప్రగతి ధర్మారం చెరువు ఫోటో గ్యాలరిని ఇక్కడ చూడండి : http://cheruvu.ddharmaram.com/

D.Dharmaram cheruvu is one of the biggest lakes in Ramayampet mandal. This lake is the key for the agriculture in the village. This cheruvu has Pedda Tuum, through which the water flows on to the agriculture fields of the village. The Pedda Tuumu is a wonderful construction, constructed completely using the rocks and it is very strong even today.
This cheruvu has two main water streams(vaagu) called pedda vaagu, chinna vaagu from nearly Dharmaram adavi through which the rain water comes and accumulates in the lake. 
    This lake is adjacent to the village located on the main road of Ramayampet to Gajwel. 
People, students of this village comes to pedda tuumu often to rejuvenate and see the beauty of the lake and surrounding adavi area. During the pedda batukamma pandaga, the women of the village come here and leave their Batukammas in this lake from the Pedda Tuumu. 
    The Ganesh immersion also takes place from the same Pedda Tuumu. 
The people of this village also come here to swim in the lake. Sometimes they jump from the top of the pedda tuum into the water. This lake is also the best place for the villagers to do fish farming.

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