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Sri Vuduta Siddaiah

Following are the people of D.Dharmaram village, elected as village sarpanches.
Sri Venkat Ram Reddy  is the first sarpanth of D.Dharmaram village. Later Sri Vuduta Nagaiah was the sarpanch of the Dharmaram village. 

The next sarpanch of  Dharmaram village is Sri 
P. Lachi ReddyFrom TDP, Sri Vuduta Siddaiah was elected as sarpanch of   Dharmaram.
In the next elections Dharmaram village was given with SC reserved seat, Sri Masaipet Ramaiah worked about 5 years as sarpanch of  Dharmaram.

In 2005 elections, Sri. Ranga Goud was elected as sarpanch of  Dharmaram from TRS..

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