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Sri. R. Raghavendar Rao

 Rayarao Raghavendar Rao Rtd HM, ZPHS D.Dharmaram  
Name                         : Rayarao Raghavender Rao
Designation                 : Rtd Head Master
Subject of Teaching     : English and Social Studies
Date of joining
at ZPHS D.Dharmaram         :
Date of relieving
at ZPHS D.Dharmaram         : 1991 Jan 31st.
Date of joining in service    :
Qualifications                     : B.A. (B.Ed.)
Achievements                    : Became the inspiration to most of the teaching staff and favourite english teacher for most of his students.
Date of birth                      : 13th Jan 1933
Hobbies & Interests             : Teaching & Agriculture
Education                          : Completed schooling at Medak, Intermediate at Siafabad Science College, Hyderabad, represented his college during the visit to Benaras Hindu University, Varanashi.
Present contact Number : +91 9866 56 54 54


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