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Welcome to the Sweet Memories and Views section of D.Dharmaram. Many people and students completed their schooling in this great village of D.Dharmaram and almost everyone is having lots of affection, love towards thier homeland and always ready to do something back to our village. We are sharing some of the views, memories of the people who were part part of this village some time during their lives and their views, thoughts, memories with thier friends, village, people and the sweet land of D.Dharmaram.

Hon'ble Prinicipal, B.E(ECE) Osm, M.Tech from IISc, Ph.D. 

Email Address: gln1955@yahoo.co.in

"I belongs to the last batch student of the UPS DDM, in  1968 I have completed my 7th class..My classmates are: Mr Arjun Rao datrika,,Hanumanth reddy seelam, Seenaiah, Narsaiah . etc..My Headmaster was B.Sahadev sir (lata).

I feeling very happy and feeling  proud that my village waking up to see the world.
I am feel to that i am a  citizen  but always feel i am not able to do any thing to the village growth, however i did very help to the people who ever approached me  for education, Job or financial assistance. i am working as Principal of an engineering college. I will more than happy to extend any help that is for our village students. Let me share that I have offered my services to motivate and give awareness to the youth about the education and self- employment opportunities. we can live on our own with out depending on the govt or on society.

Thank you all 
Wish you all the success in this mission."