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Kapil Sports Club

The Kapil Sports Club, D.Dharmaram
Kapil Sports Club
is one of the oldest clubs in Dharmaram village was established in early 90's by the well spirited youth of D.Dharmaram village. This club has represented D.Dharmaram village from Cricket, participated in many tournaments in Medak district and also won couple of Tournaments including the biggest tournament conducted by D.Dharmaram in 1995.
This Ganesh navatatri ustav celebrated by this club is very quick and quite popular in the village.
20 Years Celebrations - 2013 Ganesh Navaratri Ustav by Kapil Sports
         In the year 1993, Kapil Sports club started with Ganesh Ustav celebrations. From that year onwards this club is continuing the tradition of celebrations without any break, except for one single year. It is very rate and much difficult to continue to spirit thought generations, this requires tremendous commitment and continuous dedication.

2011 Ganesh Navaratri Ustav         
Like all previous years, D.Dharmaram village has celebrated the 2011 year ganesh navarastri Ustav on it's own way. As expected, Kapil Sports Club continued with their every year tradition of nice decoration and ganesha. 

Continuing the longest history of Ganesha navaratri celebrations, Kapil Sports Club finally decided to celebrate the festival in 2012 also.
Kapil Sports Club is having a great name in the village for various activities. The club has participated in multiple cricket tournaments in 1990's and brought a very good recognition for the cricket in the D.Dharmaram village.
The club has also won the prestigious cricket tournament cup in a tournament held in the village in March 1997. D.Dharmaram team in that tournament has defeated many teams including well known Ramayampet and Biknoor in the finals.

Hope the path laid by the Kapil Sports club would be followed by the current youth of D.Dharmaram to bring back the old glory of village spirit in participating in tournaments.

About Ramesh Gabbula, one of the founder members of Kapil Sports Club
Ramesh Gabbula is a student of ZPHS D.Dharmaram went to United States on his way to pursue his professional IT career. Ramesh G has a humble beginning at his early age and is the elder son well respected mathematics sir of D.Dharmaram, Sri Krishnamurthy garu.  Ramesh G bagged the university top position by securing cent percent of marks in the Bachelors Degree in Mathematics specialty. Ramesh holds a Master degree in Computer Applications. More about  Ramesh Gabbula here >>.
About Kapil Sports Club

Kapil Sports Club is one of the oldest clubs in  D.Dharmaram village was established in early 90's by the well spirited youth of  D.Dharmaram village. This club has represented  D.Dharmaram village from Cricket, participated in many tournaments in Medak district and also won couple of Tournaments including the biggest tournament conducted by  D.Dharmaram in 1995.

About ZPHS Dharmaram
ZPHS D.Dharmaram, one of the oldest school in Medak Dist is located in D.Dharmaramvillage of Ramyamapet mandal of Medak district in Telangana of India. This school was upgraded to High school in the year 1953. Recently, in 2008 this school got moved into a double store building. This school is currently having NIIT computer lab with 12 computers.
Dharmaram, also called as Dongala Dharmaram (డి. ధర్మారం , దొంగల ధర్మారం) is situated (view in map) about 10 KMs from the mandal headquarter RamayampetMedak district in Telangana state of India. D.Dharmaram is about 80KMs from the state capital, Hyderabad. The village PIN Code is 502102.
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