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Mee Seva:   
People at dharmaram used to face many diffciculties to access the e-Governance. NSuresh Mee Sevaow with  Mee seva center in dharmaram makes people life easy to get various services. It  opened on 12 Aug 2012 by katroju Suresh. He is a graduated from Osmania University and completed B.Ed.

Sri Hanuman Digital Photo Studio, managed by the photographer, Santosh Reddy is the first and only photo studio in the D.Dharmaram village, started couple of years back and running successfully. Click here to see contact information and other details.

Business: We have a successfully running binni Rice Mills which started couple of years back as became an integral part of this village, there are many Kirana and General StoresMobile Recharge and Cell Repair Shop, Tent Houses, Medical Shops, Tailorsచౌక ధరల పౌర సరఫరా dealors, Rice dealers, Chit funds, cell towers and Vegetable market available in this village.
We have Zilla Parishad High School, established around hundred years back and running with a great sperit. This school has created many successful professionals including doctors, engineers and IAS officers. There is a Primary School in the same premisis of ZPHS also very old school, many students from surrounding villages will come to these schools for their education. Recently, under the leadership of Sri Pitla Siddaiah a Private School has been started. D.Dharmaram village also having a BC Students Hostel.

Cheruvu :
D.Dharmaram cheruvu(pond, lake) is the heart and spirit of D.Dharmaram people. It is the recreation place for the youth and children, during the Batukamma celebrations, people of this village come here to leave the batukammas in this lake. The ganesh immersion also takes place here. It is one of the biggest ponds in sorruonding areas. Know more about Dharmaram cheruvu including Peddatuum and Alugu.

Clubs : D.Dharamam has many youth associations. Kapil Sports Club is one of the oldest clubs in Dharmaram village.
Recently many clubs and youth associations from D.Dharmaram celebrated Ganesh Navaratri Ustav grandly.
Hospitals & Clinics: In D.Dharmaram we have well equipped Primary Health Centre, Veterinary hospital, Dr. Satish's Clinic and Dr. Ramachandram Goud clinic. Many people of this village and from surrounding villages come to the Primary Health center for their health related issues. The government related vaccination and health camps will be conducted here.
 Services at Veterinary Hospital gives animals of villagers to some level of protection against to the diseases . But the facilities at this hospitals not up to the mark. Shivaaiah, a villager, proactively helps people for their animals treatment. 
We also have a 
Water Purify Unit which supplies pure drinking water at a 
competetive price to the people of
D.Dharmaram and also to many surrounding villages including
Pulimamidi, Kistapur and Bonala - Kondapur.
 There is a Milk Center, many Water Tanks and well developed CC and metal Roads. 

Ration Shop
Ration Shops:
There are two ration shops are available in Dharamaram village to serve the needs of the people. There are two ration shops are available  Locally these are known as " Ration Shops" and commonly sell wheat, rice, kerosene and sugar at a price lower than the market price. However, other essential commodities may also be sold. These are also called Fair Price Shops. For buying items from this shop one must have Ration Card.  

ప్రగతీ ధర్మారంకు గోదావరి నీటి అవకాశం!

 తెలంగాణా రాష్ట్ర ముఖ్యమంత్రి కొన్నిరోజుల క్రితం చేసిన పవర్ పాయింట్ ప్రజంటేషన్ మనందరికీ గుర్తున్నదే అయితే ఆ  ప్రజంటేషన్లో మన ప్రగతీ ధర్మారం గ్రామానికి ఉన్న అవకాశాలను మీరూ గమనించే ఉంటారు. మన గ్రామానికి అతిదగ్గరగా వెళ్తున్న ప్రాజెక్ట్ పేరే 'కొమరవెల్లి మల్లన్న సాగర్ రిజర్వాయర్'. ఇది మనగ్రామం నుండి దాదాపు 40 కి.మీ. లోపే ఉండబోతోంది. 50 TMC తో నిర్మిచనున్న ఈ ప్రాజెక్ట్, తెలంగాణాలోనే అతిపెద్ద రిజర్వాయర్ అవబోతుంది. మన హుస్సేన్సాగర్ కి దాదాపు 50 రెట్లు ఈ రిజర్వాయర్ ఉండబోతుంది. ఇక్కడినుండే లిఫ్ట్ అవసరం లేకుండా ఉత్తర తెలంగాణా అంతా గోదావరి జలాలు వచ్చే అవకాశాలు పుష్కలంగా వుండటం విశేషం. (Know More).