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Welcome to D.Dharmaram History section
In this History section of  as D.Dharmaram, you can explore the various historical events and developments happened in the village. For the quick navigation, you can find the timeline at the bottom of this page to directly to a specific period of the history.
About D.Dharmaram
D.Dharmaram, also called as Dongala Dharmaram is situated in the Ramayampet mandal of Medak district in Telangana state of India. 
The Name
The  Name, 
Dongala Dharmaram came to this village because of the big forest just adjacent to the Dharmaram village. During the olden days there was a big troops of robbers used to get shelter in the forest of Dharmaram, they used to sleep in the day time and in the nights they used to attack the nearby surrounding villages. These robbery mobs quickly got popular and used to call them as 'dongalu in dharmaramadavi' and the village got the name as Dongala Dharmaram, though there was actually no thief or robbers from this village. 
The village Dharmaram was under the rule of Ibrahimpur Sanstanam, currently called as Ibrahimpur village, which is around 7 KMs away from D.Dharmaram. The village has The Ghadi, where the raaja from Ibrahimpur Sanstanam used to come and stay.Ibrahimpur Sanstanam was under the rule of Satavahana, VishnuKumdin, Western Chalukya, Rastakuta, Yadhava, Kakathiya, Qutub Shahi and Nizam kings respectively. Accoording to the history of this region it was also found that there were contacts with Romans.

The Medak district was initially part of Warangal Kingdom. In the year 1309, Allauddin's general, Malik Kafur came with large force and taken this district from Raja of Warangal. After the fall of Golkonda, Medak was part of Mughal empire. During early 18th century, it was detached and part of new Hyderbad state.

Attack of  Rajakaras
During the early 1950'sDharmaram village was attacked by Rajakaras. In those attacks the Raghupathi Gutta was got destroyed. We could still see the results of those attacks still now in Dharmaram village. It took so many years for the villagers to come out of the Rajakaras problem and bring back the old glory of Raghupathi Gutta.

Shivuni gudi
The Shiva Temple (శివుని గుడి), is in the heart of the D.Dharmaram village. It was constructed very long back. Sri Jangam Prabhu Rajam and his wife used to clean and perform daily puja at this Shivuni gudi during  mid 1950's. He was the person who made this temple to the normal usage the people of DharmaramDuring the Dasara, all the villagers of D.Dharmaram will come to this temple and performs prayers. On the day of Ugadi, Panchanga Sravanam(పంచాంగ శ్రవణం) will take place in the premises of this temple.
Sand Road
During 1964-65, the Sand Road was constructed from Ramayampet to Konaipally via Venkatapur, D.Dharmaram, Bonal, Govindapur and Konai Pally. This road works were taken up by Telangana Development Board under the chairmanship of CH. Jagannatha Rao (Deputy CM of AP 1964-65 year) and Panchayath Samithi presendent Kondal Reddy.
The road contract works taken up by S. Panduragga Chary, Chelleti Lingaiah (Ramayampet), Jagadishwar (Kamareddy).
Metal Road
During the early 1970's,  there was a severe drought in the region of telangana.  During that time there was presidential rule was imposed in Andhra Pradesh, the earlier state. At that time the Governor has sanctioned Metal Road from Ramayampet to Doultabad with the distance of around 20KMs.

Renovation of  Raghupathi Gutta
In the early 1980's, the villagers of Dharmaram village, more importantly with the initiation from Sri.Ramulu pantulu and Sri Dinesh from sugar factory of Dharmaram, the Raghupathi Gutta of  Dharmaram got renovated and made available for the villagers. From that time every year during Sri Rama navami, a two day Jaatara and Sri Rama Kalyanam will be getting celebrated by the villagers of Dharmaram at Raghupathi Gutta every year. At Raghupathi Gutta, so many people of Dharmaram contributed to the development including the Ex. Sarpanch Sri Vuduta Siddaiah and others.

Establishment of Bank
In the year 1981, Manjeera Gramina Bank was started in the village of Dharmaram. There was a very good initiation and involvement of Sri.Ramulu pantulu and Sri P.Lachi Reddy to bring this branch to the Dharmaram village. Later during the year 1996 an extremist group blew it off. Now the people of Dharmaram expecting a new branch in the village.
The brass from Ramayampet which is the mandal headquarter for D. Dharmaram is very famous in Medak district.
The Medak district was under Gulshanabad division of Hyderbad during early 90's.