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Dharmaram Dreams

Welcome to D.Dharmaram Dreams section. Let us imagine our beautiful village with all the facilities, exceptional community, beautiful natural life. Let us explore the D.Dharmaram dreams and start building our dream village.

Dream #1: A pure drinking water project, where everyone can buy mineral water for just 2-5 Rs a bottle, if govt starts a mineral water plant
Dream #2: More trees, good sevarage facilities, toilets for all
Dream #3: Solar subsidy to get power inverters to get 24 hrs power supply to homes
Dream #4: A full fledged government library with a librarian, with all magazines, books, news papers including english village
Dream #5: Solar Street lights to whole village with powerful lights at all major junctions in the village
Dream #6: A computer center with internet facility with free access to all the students and youth of the village to prepare for competitive exams and get access to world
Dream #7. Let us take Ravinder input. A clean road til Raghupathi Gutta
Dream #8: A mini sports complex/stadium with all major sports kits for the youth to participant in all games & events
Dream #9: A Government fuld for a Youth center building having library, sports center, study hall all in once place with atleast 2-5 computers with internet connectivity
Dream #10: Two lines Road connecting Ramayampet to Gajwel to bring the major connectivity & transportation via our village
Dream #11: A direct/better road to National Highway instead of 80 turns road
Dream #12: A meditation hall with Study center for all the students to come and make a very good study circle
Dream #13: A government funded full fledged Gym with all equipments
Dream #14: A permanent water harvesting plan to improve the ground water to solve major water problems for the farmars of the village

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