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School Library

Started during the early 1950's, ZPHS Dharmaram is one of the oldest schools in Medak district. 

Where is ZPHS Dharmaram?
This school is located in D.Dharmaram village of Ramyamapet mandal of Medak district in Andhra Pradesh of India. 

of ZPHS Dharmaram
Dharmaram School is one of the oldest school in Medak Dist. When this school was started, it was initially managed in some small huts. After that the school was run in a small private house. After couple of years, the own school building was constructed with 3 rooms. Recently, in 2008 a new double store building was constructed.

ZPHS D.Dharmaram now equipped with a student library. With the 
initiation from the HM, Sri D. Venkateshwara Rao and with the support from the teachers and stundents, the students of ZPHS D.Dharmaram now got access to around Rs.7,000.00 worth of books at ZPHS D.Dharmaram library.

Some of the old students from ZPHS Dharmaram coming up some initiatives to support students of this school regularly with some useful, helping books on a regular basis.

Based on the great feedback and help from the old students of ZPHS D.Dharmaram, we started receiving books to the Library Shelf of D.Dharmarm.

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 The total school strength is 397.   This school is currently having NIIT computer lab with 12 computers. In this lab, students are regularly practicing computer and internet concepts.The school is having internet facility also.