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Helping Hand to Needy Students

Few old students of this school came up with an idea to help the poor people. The main intension of this program is to help the poor students to concentrate on their subjects.

This program is tailer made, where the common problems of the students are addressed.

  1. Talent Hunt : It helps to find out the poor students to get the sponsor. Sponsor, generally take cares all needs of the student. It can be providing books, study material etc to the student. On 19th June 2010, Talent Hund exam was conducted for the students of the 10th class.
  2. Seminars:  Seminars are conducted by selected qualified people to provide the career guidance and closely points to the students fears.
  3. Class Rooms: Meeting closely with students, able to find the common problems faced in learning subjects. Generally students are afraid of subjects like English, Maths etc. So special classes would be conducted to the students.