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2012-13 Mandal Level Tournament

ZPHS DDM Performance in 2012-13 Mandal and district sports events

ZPHS DDM performed very well during this current 2012-13 acadamic year and bagged many important tournaments cups. Here are the details.

1.       ZPHS DDM Represented Ramayampet mandal in 2012-13 for Volleyball(Boys & Girls) in the Medak District level Sports Tournament and could able to defeat two other mandals in Medak district.
2.       On the Telugu Basha dinostavam, conducted by TTD at Ramayampet mandal level, ZPHS DDM bagged 3rd prize also participated in district level (Tulasi 9th class – Telugu)
3.       ZPHS DDM participated in all events with unique dress code with ZPHS DDM name written on their T-Shirts 
4.      ZPHS DDM won following awards by beating important schools like Ramayampet givt high school, Nizampet ZPHS, Ramayampet ZPHS, Narlapur ZPHS, Chalmeda ZPHS, Akkanapet ZPHS, Kalvakunta ZPHS

Volleyball boys 1st prize
a)      M Mahender TM 10th (2012-13)
b)      Varshit EM 10th
c)       A Raju TM 10th
d)      Srikanth TM 10th
e)      Sunil TM 10th
f)       Suresh TM 10th

Volleyball girls 1st prize
c.       Khokho boys 1st prize
a)      Sunik TM 10th
b)      Suresh TM 10th
c)       Srikanth TM 10th
d)      Raju TM 10th
e)      Suman 8th TM
f)       Rajesh 8th TM
g)      Saikiran 8th EM
h)      Ramesh 8th EM
i)        Babu 10th TM

Khokho girls 1st prize
a)      Short put 1st prize girls
b)      Lang jump 2nd prize boys
c)       Lang jump 1st prize girls
d)      Ramayampet mandal level 2k run 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes
e)      Chess tournament at ramayampet mandal level girls 1st price – Navitha 9th EM Rs 500