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       D.Dharmaram is a true replica of a authentic village of India, especially it represents the vibrant and cultural greatness and spirit of a true Telangana village.

This website is voluntarily run by the people of D.Dharmaram village. There are many people behind this website to bring to the stage where it is today. 

Though it started with just two persons initially, with the wonderful support and encouragement from countless people the website has became to this stage. 

      The journey of making this website has began in 2011 from 
Seetaram Rayarao and quickly got support from students, youth and citizens of this village especially from 
 Navateja Youth Association,  Kapil Sports ClubNaveenRizwanM. Vijay Kumar Reddy,
Sri Naren Nayak,
Ravinder Dommata, Varshith, Srinivas Nangunoori
 and lot other people in providing timely information, photographs of the various events, news in the village to make more lively. 
      The purpose of this website is introduce the natural & winning spirit of D.Dharmaram village to the entire globe and if a one person feels happy or proud to their see their own village information on the web, we feel, our mission is successful.

Thanks one and all for your continuous and greater support all these days. Hope we will bring much more meaningful and useful information about D.Dharmaram village to people around the world.

If want to share your thoughts or participate, contribute or provide suggestions in development of this website please send an email to email@ddharmaram.com, we will be proud and happy to hear from you.

Thank You!
Team D.Dharmaram.