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D.Dharamam has many youth associations.
        Kapil Sports Club is one of the oldest clubs in Dharmaram village was established in early 90's by the well spirited youth of D.Dharmaram village. This club has represented D.Dharmaram village from Cricket, participated in many tournaments in Medak district and also won couple of Tournaments including the biggest tournament conducted by D.Dharmaram in 1995. This Ganesh navatatri ustav celebrated by this club is very quick and quite popular in the village.

              Navateja Youth Association formed by the young, spirited youth of D.Dharmaram village. They have organized, celebrated various events in the D.Dharmaram. 
In the year 2014, Navateja Youth Association taken up the organization responsibilities of Raghupathi Gutta Jaatara - 2014 (రఘుపతి గుట్ట జాతర) celebrations and they have executed it successfully. 

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