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Dussera Festival(దసరా పండగ)

(photo: Seetaram Rao
The Dasara(దసరా) festival (also called as Dashera, Dussera and Dussehra) is celebrated uniquely at D.Dharmaram. It reflects the tradition and culture of Telangana. 
Though the people are very far away from their hometown they always plan to come to D.Dharmaram village on this day of Dasara.
This is one of the rarest festivals in D.Dharmaram where most of the people meet together and celebrate. Like it is an important festival for the people of Telangana, it is also for the people of D.Dharmaram.
Prior to the day of Dasara, there will be a nine day Devi Navaratrulu celebrated by the people of this village. The goddess Durga idol will be kept near Kashir, which is in the middle of the village.
On the day of Dasara, people of D.Dharmaram gather at Kashir, takes the blessings of Durga ammavaru and with the band they start as procession to the outskirts of the village towards the way of new bus stop, Primary Health Center, BC Students Hostel, Renuka Ellamma TempleBSNL Cell tower. Near the agricultural farms in the outskirts, most of the time people will be able to see the paala pitta(Indian Roller).
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