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2013 Events

There are many things happend at D.Dharmaram village during the 
year 2013. Here is the list of most important events taken place at D.Dharmaram village.
2013 Events list in D.Dharmaram..

2013 వినాయక నవరాత్రులు at D.Dharmaram!
                     In D.Dharmarampeople celebrate this festival with lot of interest and respect. This is one of the rarest festivals in D.Dharmaram celebrated with lot of spirit, enthusiasm and interest.

2013 Devi Navaratri Ustav at D.Dharmaram!

2013 Devi Navaratrulu
 every year in D.Dharmaram, people of this village celebrated the nine day long devi navaratrulu near the Kashir with lots of devotion and respect this year in 2013. 
This time the devi idol looking more beautiful and amazing, people came for the dussera festival visited the maata and taken the blessing. As per the tradition, on the next of the  dussera festival, the the goddess imersion will takes place. Since years, the people of D.Dharmaram always stands in front when it comes to celebrating the festivals and spiritual events.

Photographs By Rizwan Mohd