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Dharmaram News

Dharmaram News

మల్లన్న జాతర) 
 Today on 15th Feb 2010, there will be Mallanna Jaataram in the village, Dharmaram. This jaatara is celebrated by all the villagers of the village and organized by the Golla community of this village once in every year. The events related to this festival takes place around 1-2 days before and after the main jaatara day. The people from Golla community makes couple of processions as part of their tradition and standards and reaches almost every home of the village. 

 In daily morning prayer, ZPHS Dharmaram students are singing "Jaya Jaya He Telangana.." song instead of singing "Maa Telugu Talliki..". Students taking out rallies for telangana in the village. Students have stared the first rally in the village from BC hostel to NTR statue via Kashirwith candles (kagadalu). In this rally the village Surpunch,  Ranga Goudand all other villagers are participated. These photographs are from the first rally and after that there were several rallies are taken by the ZPHS Dharmaram school students.

  • On 31-01-2010, The 1985 - 86 SSC batch students gathered in the high school grounds. For
     this function all old teachers are invited. All the teachers and students expressed their views, recalled their sweet past memories and teachers blessed and addressed the students. It was exactly 25 years back these students studied their SSC in this school.

  •  On 21st Jan 2010Dham was held by Dharmaram JAC on 21st Jan 2010 evening was a great success though it was little disappointing that there was a little clash between Rasamai and Vijayashanthi on the stage..