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Sri Rama Navami - 2012 grandly celebrated at Raghupathi Gutta

posted Apr 1, 2012, 10:01 AM by Pragathi Dharmaram ప్రగతి ధర్మారం   [ updated Apr 2, 2012, 8:28 AM by Surya Rao R ]
On April 1st 2012, the people of D.Dharmaram celebrated Sri Rama Navami with high spirit and devotion and Sri Rama & Seeta Kalynam celebrated around 6 PM today at Sri Raghupathi Gutta.
Sri Rama kalyanam & Shava - Day 1
       Today on April 1st 2012, the people of D.Dharmaram especially with the vibrant support of Hanuman Bakta Brundam, the Hanuman Deeksha taken people in and around D.Dharmaram celebrated Shava Ustav and Sri Rama Kalyanam with better spirit and enthusiasm this time for the year 2012.

     Due to some unavoidable circumstances, the Shava Ustavam started little lately compare to previous years around 3:00 PM from the Peddamma Temple, D.Dharmaram.

   The Shava with decorated Sri Rama, Seeta, Laxman and Anjaneya idols will be taken through the village main roads with very big procession every year in D.Dharmaram. This time, with a great love and passion from the Hanuman Devotees, who have taken the Hanuman Deeksha given a new spirit and look for the Shava Ustavam here in D.Dharmaram on April 1st 2012.

   The Shava reached Raghupathi Gutta around 3 PM and many devotees and people of D.Dharmaram were present for the Sri Seeta Rama kalyanam. 
   Sri Ravinder Reddy from D.Dharmaram taken initiation and provided Sri Rama prasadam with Annadanam for the devotees attended this event at Sri Raghupathi Gutta.

About Gutta
          Raghupati Gutta (రఘుపతి గుట్ట) is very famous for the Jaatara(జాతర) celebrated every year on the day of Sri Rama Navami in and around D.Dharmaram village.
          On the top of the big rock on the gutta, there is a small place on corner where we could find small holes which people calls as once upon a time, sita came there and played Kachha Kayalu on that  holy big rock. Even just below this big rock we could find, Vishnu Chakra. There is a small gap between two rocks on this gutta, people on the Jaatara day, went through this path way with the belief that all their problems will go away in that coming year.

About Jaatara
           The idols of Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Anjaneya will be brought on Shavato this gutta and Sri Rama Kalyanam will be celebrated. On the next day the main even, jaatara is celebrated. The Sri Rama Kalyanam will be celebrated on the eve of Sri Rama Navami. 
            On this next day, from the village lots of carts will be decorated and moved as a big procession to this gutta. In the evening of the second day, the carts will round about the small gutta in front of the Raghupati gutta. 
In Short..

2Days jaatara celebrated every year during Sri Rama navami.

Shava will be taking through the village main road to this gutta on the day of Srirama Navami.

Attack of  Rajakaras
During the early 1950's, this village got attacked by Rajakaras. In those attacks the Raghupathi Gutta was got destroyed, got renovated back in 1980's.