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Events and Celebrations

Raghupati Gutta (రఘుపతి గుట్ట) is very famous for the Jaatara(జాతర) celebrated every year on the day of Sri Rama Navami in and around D.Dharmaram village.

Ellamma Jaatara    ( జాతర)
Mallanna Jaatara(మల్లన్న జాతర)
Festivals at D.Dharmaram
These are the festivals celebrated in the D.Dharmaram village
Dussera Festival(దసరా పండగ) 
వినాయక నవరాత్రులు at D.Dharmaram! 
                     In D.Dharmaram, you  people celebrate this festival with lot of interest and respect. This is one of the rarest festivals in D.Dharmaram celebrated with lot of spirit, enthusiasm and interest.
The 9-day devi navaratrulu will be celebrated with lots of devotion by the people of D.Dharmaram. You may be also interested to see how this event got celebrated during the year 2011. The Devi Nimajjanam happens on the next day of the Dasara festival.

Depavali Festival(దీపావళి పండగ) 
The Holi Festival(హొళి పండగ) is one of the biggest events in the D.Dharmaram and celebrated with greater spirit by the people of D.Dharmaram.
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