Better Dharmaram

Why Dharmaram still is not made as model village?

Being a model village get good facilities like drainage, water, electricity and etc. Really feel unhappy that no one is there to take care. Our village is our birth place. Everyone should feel responsible to make and better village. 

I saw so many people are having Facebook account. But why are you not spending time to make our village as better village?
Is it fault with us or leaders ?

Please think about it. It is our birth place. We had a great memories in it. Just recollect them. Childhood, school and other memories that our village has given to us. They are sweet.

Why people at dharmaram still need to BUY water ?

Really bad to know but truth. our parents used to go "POCHAMMA BOI" to get water for drinking and other usage. Still we are buying water since we are not getting good drinking water. 

Why there is no good transportation ?

We do not have secure transportation. We always relay on private autos. In 4 seater auto they will keep as many as to sit. May not with all auto walas.

Do students of ZPHS are getting good education ?

Did you remember your school days. They are filled with sweet good bunch of great memories. We had reunions to recollect them. There are so many inspiring teachers and at the same time there are few teachers who neglect students and their education. We celebrate Vinayaka Chavithi, Devi Navarathrulu, Peddama Gutta Jaatara, Raghupathi Gutta Jaatara... we ever make a try to attend AUG 15th where talent students are awarded? 
Did you imagine yourself as student and understand their issues by baselining with your school days? 

It is not the case with all of us. You know right.

Think and Act for better Dharmaram.